Teen Titans Go to the Movies

Rating: PG
Length: 88 mins
Cast: Nicolas Cage, Kristen Bell, Will Arnett
Session Times:
Tue 18th Sep: 1:45pm  4:15pm  6:45pm  
Wed 19th Sep: 1:45pm  4:15pm  6:45pm  
Thu 20th Sep: 4:10pm  
Fri 21st Sep: 4:10pm  
Sat 22nd Sep: 9:30am  11:40am  
Sun 23rd Sep: 9:30am  11:40am  
Mon 24th Sep: 9:30am  11:40am  
Tue 25th Sep: 9:30am  11:40am  
Wed 26th Sep: 9:30am  11:40am  

A villain’s maniacal plan for world domination sidetracks five teenage superheroes who dream of Hollywood stardom.

*Please note that Session Times are subject to change