The Metro offers a value packed membership.

For an annual fee of $20.00 our members receive one Complimentary Pass* and one “Buy-One-Get One-Free” pass.

The “Buy-One-Get One-Free” pass can also be used at any session however the Complimentary Pass* cannot be used whilst a film is advertised as NFT (No Free Tickets). This is usually only for the first few weeks of our major release titles.

Once you are a member you will be able to purchase tickets for yourself and a guest at $8.00 each.

The card is freely exchangeable within a family so in most cases a second membership is not required

There are no catches or limitation placed on the membership except for Special Events such as Charity Screenings, and the limit being two tickets for any given film session. We let you use them on Saturdays and Public Holidays as well.

As we proudly say about our memberships, it could not be simpler or better value for you.

Should you chose to see more than one film on any given day, you are very welcome to do so.

Becoming a member is very simple. Just come to our counter and fill in a membership form. Once you have paid the membership you will be able to purchase tickets for a film immediately.

Your membership card will be processed by us and you’ll be able to take your membership card home immediately.

With the new Membership cards being issued, Member tickets can now be reserved on line.

*Please note that Session Times are subject to change