Maya The Bee Movie – Adults at Kid’s prices!!

Rating: G
Length: 84 mins
Cast: Jackie Weaver, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Richard Roxburgh, Noah Taylor

Maya is a little bee with a big personality. But in a hive where fitting in is the most important thing, being different isn’t easy. Maya’s natural curiosity leads her into conflict with hive Marshall Buzzlina Von Beena – a hornet-hating control freak. And when Maya stumbles on Von Beena’s plot to dethrone the Queen and declare war on the hornets, she is cast out of the hive. With her faithful friend Willi by her side, Maya sets out into the meadow on a journey of self-discovery. Helped by the eccentric grasshopper Flip, a brash young hornet Sting and a colourful array of new friends, Maya finally learns to celebrate her uniqueness. And as war between the bees and hornets looms, Maya must draw on all her courage and wisdom to bring peace to the meadow and the happy buzz back to her hive.

Official Trailer

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