The Water Diviner -Last Week

Rating: M
Duration: 111 mins
Cast: Jai Courtney, Olga Kurylenko, Russell Crowe

THE WATER DIVINER is an epic Australian historical action drama, opening in Australian Cinemas on Boxing Day.

In 1919, long after the Battle of Gallipoli, an Australian farmer Joshua Connor (Russell Crowe) travels to Constantinople, Turkey and then to the former battlefields of Gallipoli to fulfill a pledge he made on his wife’s grave, to find his three missing sons, lost during the battles at Gallipoli, and then bring them back home to Australia.

Connor is an amazing water diviner that can follow and find life-giving water buried deep under the earth, but finding his three sons seems impossible, when faced with the gruesome battlefield landscape of the sun-dried bones of the thousands of buried soldiers from both sides.

Despite all the British Military obstacles to his search, will Connor finally find his sons? In the enemy capital city, Connor meets Orhan, a young and very mischievous Turkish boy who then guides him to stay at his family’s hotel, run by his mother Ayshe (Olga Kurylenko). At long last a Turkish former-officer gives the broken father hope. Connor risks his life to travel into the heart of Anatolia with that Turk.

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